About us

The MR-TRADING company since 2019 works at the market of deliveries of fresh vegetables and fruit across Moscow and Moscow region, there is a possibility of deliveries to regions. A wide range of products and consistently low prices will always pleasure to our customers. We offer wholesale of seasonal fresh vegetables, fruits, greens and nuts directly from the countries of producers: Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran ,Egypt, Morocco, Moldavia. In our warehouse are always available as long won our market apples, pears and classic citrus fruits and exotic fruits. A wide range of vegetables - from root crops and tomatoes to herbs-will allow you to buy everything you need in one place. To clarify the cost, the possibility of additional supplies, as well as the availability of current promotions and special offers, you can contact our Manager by phone +7 968 5737773, we have an answer to any of your questions. We strive for mutually beneficial cooperation with each of our customers-by contacting us, You can count on reasonable prices and attractive discounts. Wholesale supply of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout RUSSIA from LLC "MR-TRADING" - it is convenient, reliable and profitable!